Study Abroad Program – NYC

Welcome to New York City

The Lyon International Business School has developed an overseas exchange program with a distinguished business school in the USA- the New York Business School. Set over three months, iBBA and iMBA students are sent to study in the financial epicenter of the world- Wall Street, New York.

During their three-month stay, students will attend lectures from 9am to midday, Monday to Friday. Their afternoons should be used to participate in group projects, do solo work on their entrepreneurial projects or carry out work placement with local companies. Outside of this, we strongly encourage that students take advantage of their time overseas to explore the city and the surrounding area.

New York Business School also believes in assisting students to develop their own talents and interests, rather than expecting all students to pass through a ‘one-size-fits-all’ degree. They, like LIBS, place enormous emphasis on the practical elements of the program by consistently developing students’ through hands-on training.

Build your network on Wall Street

New York Business School is ideally placed to bring the essence of Wall Street into the classroom. For this reason, NYBS regularly invites well-known professionals from Wall Street and other important industries to give lectures and take part in conferences. This gives students the opportunity to mingle with influential professionals and learn directly from them.  In addition, NYBS provides students with access to a large network of finance and business professionals from New York City and throughout the United States.

This study abroad program is mandatory and contributes to the employability of our graduates.

For more information about the program, please visit the website of New York Business School.