Student life at the Lyon International Business School

Life Outside the Classroom

Our new location at Foch the 6th district of Lyon plays a important role in LIBS student life. The richest area surrounded by the international and local giants of commerce, our students see themselves as future contributors to the world of business. We have taken care and ensured that all aspects of the student life at LIBS state for a spirit of collaboration, as well as individual determination.


When it comes to looking for housing in Lyon, most of the neighbourhoods will serve our students well as accommodation. by Lyon’s public transport system, you can travel easily, quickly and safely to anywhere in the city. We recommend three areas in particular.

  • Croix Rousse Across the river to Foch- right next to Hotel de Ville, this area is considered to be very trendy and has a similar atmosphere to the infamous Montmartre area of Paris.
  • Gratte Ciel The commercial center of Villeurbanne. It is not in center Lyon, however, you have everything needed around and by metro A you can reach the campus within 10 minutes.  Relatively less expensive, this beautiful area can be in your pocket list.
  • Jean Macé Area near two public universities where many students in Lyon has chosen to live. This neighbourhood is young, international, affordable and offering a great student life.

While LIBS does not provide accommodation solutions our Counsellor, Madame Caroline Callier, is available to help you with your house hunting, the requisite paperwork and claiming financial aid, if you qualify for this.


While having class for the whole day you might wonder what to eat for lunch, Don’t worry. There are numerous of bakery and supermarket around Foch campus, and you don’t want to miss the restaurants. If you prefer bringing your own healthy lunch box, there are two spaces in school in which there are micro-waves and cafe machine. You surely want to walk across the bridge to Hotel de Ville after school with your classmates to have a little reunion within numerous of bars and restaurants.

Parc de la Tête D’or

The Parc de la Tête d’Or is a great space for relaxing, studying and sports. In the neighborhood of Foch, one of the biggest park in France is just around you. The park includes a man-made lake where you can also rent the boats, a zoo, enormous greenhouses filled with tropical plants and plenty of open, green space. Take your time, grab a book or some activities, enjoy life!

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Toastmasters is not unique to Lyon International Business School. Founded in the 1930s, the internationally recognised public speaking club aims to make members into better leaders by working solely on making them into better speakers.


The Alumni association is meant to create a direct relation between past, present and future students. All Lyon International Business School students are encouraged to use this network to stay in touch, as well as seek and offer employment. In this way, our graduates leave us with access to an invaluable professional network to make use of. For this reason, the Alumni association’s motto is ‘Memento’ meaning ‘Remember’, implying that our graduates should always remember their roots and where they come from.

Houses and Associations

Lyon International Business School has established a variety of clubs to bring students together outside of the classroom. We feel it is important to take advantage of the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who will become essential contacts even long after graduation. We pride ourselves in facilitating the growth of our professional network for the benefit of past, present and future students alike.

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Le Bureau des Etudiants


Le Bureau des Etudiants serves as our main student house, open to all students of LIBS. The house hosts parties and events throughout the year to create a feeling of cohesion between students of all degree programmes, courses, houses and clubs.

Alpha- The Fraternity


Alpha is our fraternity house, and therefore only open to men. Their motto is ‘Exceller Toujours’, meaning ‘Always Excel’. This house gives a sense of camaraderie among men in the school.

Pi- The Sorority


Pi is the female equivalent of Alpha. This sorority has the motto ‘Domine Quo Vadis,which should inspire its members to constantly reflect on their objectives and the consequences of their actions. This is meant to inspire a critical self discipline necessary for success.

Tau- The Sports House


Tau is the dedicated sports house that offers outdoor and indoor sports to enthusiasts of all kinds. Activities such as golf, climbing and badminton, among many more, are offered throughout the year. Tau house is also given a budget to arrange sporty events, open to any student to take part, regardless of house. In addition, this house is meant to support students who may wish to compete in events on a higher level.

Omicron- The Cultural House

Omicron is the haven for enthusiasts of all cultural interests, such as music, art, literature, cinema and theatre. This house gives students the opportunity to exchange knowledge and share their passion on the subjects they find most interesting. Omicron may also choose to arrange open events for the rest of the school, such as cinema or theatre outings.