International visit in Birmingham

International visit in Birmingham

First year Bachelor of Business Administration students from the École de Commerce de Lyon had the chance to study in England for a month, within the Dudley College located in Birmingham, which is a partner of the ECL.


Presentation of the Dudley College

Dudley College of Technology offers a wide range of courses for every profile, whether it is a new career or a development of skills.

Their philosophy is based on a high quality teaching in order to offer students all the keys to success in their professional projects.



Second most populated city in England and located between London and Manchester, Birmingham was formerly a major industrial center on the british territory.

From that legacy, the city was able to restructure itself against economical changes that many countries encountered.

Nowadays, it is a business and entrepreneurship center where many companies move in to continue their development. It is in particular the headquarters of major companies like Jaguar and Cadbury.

Birmingham is also an important cultural center, where many populations from irish, indian, pakistani, caribbean and polish origins interact with eachother.


Summary of the visit

Between september 24th and october 22th, a group of students seized the opportunity of that immersive visit, in order to perfect their practice of english and discover a different culture. Our school is very proud for having made its students able to participate in that journey for a limited price : indeed, they only had to pay for transportation ; housing, food and tuition fees were financed by the institution.

Students were able to participate in many activities :

  • Discovery of the entrepreneurship’s world and understanding of its pertinence
  • Visit of Jaguar – Land Rover’s factory
  • Concept of the marketing mix (4Ps)
  • Visit of the “Cadbury World”, touristic attraction created by the famous british chocolatier
  • Creation of a snacks’ business contest
  • Presentation of management methods
  • Sharing of professionnal experiences


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