International Master of Business Administration (iMBA)

Building Tomorrow’s International Leaders

The Lyon International Business School offers an international program to students who wish to obtain a Bachelor degree in business. This program brings an international edge to students who want to get more out of a standard professional curriculum. This degree will allow graduates to launch themselves confidently into positions of middle management in today’s global companies.

A Truly International Experience

The international Bachelor of Business Administration (iBBA) opens a window to the world. Business today is mainly influenced by the Anglo-Saxon and Asian world, and it is with these influences that we aim to prepare our students for international commerce. Therefore, our courses are taught entirely in English by professors of primarily Anglo-American backgrounds, and we introduce Mandarin and Asian Studies into the program, too. Specific classes on intercultural management will teach students how to successfully integrate themselves into and manage businesses within these regions.

In addition to this international framework and curriculum content mandatory three months practical training cycles are required as part of our international studies and can take place with one of our partner universitiesStudents are required as part of the international program to spend this time abroad, in order to enrich their résumé and knowledge of business culture. We encourage our students to make the most of these three months and enjoy this exciting opportunity to learn while experiencing a new city.

Stand Out From the Crowd

As the employment market is increasingly becoming more saturated, an International Degree and experience can prove to be an invaluable asset in your job hunt. Our graduates are able to make potential employers notice them by virtue of their experience and their diverse, practical knowledge of international business.

In addition, our teaching takes into account the newest, industry disruptive trends such as Big Data, Digital Marketing and Digital Fabrication. This focus makes our graduates valuable to future employers and gives them a competitive edge in the market.

The Lyon Business School Difference

While some of our teaching may be theoretical, we place an enormous emphasis on practical application of what the students have learned. At Lyon Business School, each student follows a personal, entrepreneurial project throughout the program. Each student is required to apply classroom theory and skills directly to her/his own future company.

Not only does this entrepreneurial project give real life business management practice, but the theoretical teaching becomes simultaneously more concrete and applicable. This increases student motivation and the skills covered are much easier to learn when seen in action.

Our program is based on learning methodologies of individual and group work, which is a key success factor at the Lyon Business School. We strongly encourage group work on these projects in order to generate ideas, although each project is the responsibility of each individual student. This method of brainstorming is very similar to the conditions they will one day be asked to work in when they join a company after graduation. We ask that students work hard to develop their global business knowledge: ask the right questions, plan and prioritize their work, find and select relevant and reliable sources of information, develop critical thinking, mobilize their creativity and learn to work effectively. These habits are crucial for success in the workplace.

Throughout this program students will discover all the disciplines inherent to the International business world: Communication, Intercultural Management, International Marketing, Digital Marketing, Finance and Law.


The training takes two years and all subjects are taught in modules that will be validated either at the end of the lesson, or right at the end of the last lesson in that particular module. Each year of instruction has a different curriculum that has a special focus on one of the main disciplines, like Marketing, Law or Economics.

If a student wishes to obtain this graduate diploma in less than two years, an individual training plan may be agreed upon. This would take past experiences and diplomas into account. The student may also be asked to commit to following one or more of our e-learning classes to complete their educational requirements.

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Each student will submit a dissertation on a given subject and give an oral exam at the end of the year. The successful completion of the teaching modules, dissertation and oral exam will determine whether the iMBA diploma can be granted.

International Experience

In order to obtain an international diploma, students will have to spend a mandatory training period of three months at one of our partner-schools, either in Birmingham (UK) or New York City (USA). Students will take classes daily from 9am to 12pm and have the afternoons free in order to participate in projects, gain work experience and explore the region/town. Weekends are always free. The school may organise group trips for students to discover particular sites, events or cultural delights, but these will not be mandatory.

Our partner school in NYC