International Master of Business Administration (iMBA)


Our courses are taught entirely in 100% English by professors of primarily Anglo-American backgrounds, and we introduce Mandarin and Asian Studies into the program, too. In addition to this international framework and curriculum content mandatory three months practical training cycles are required as part of our international studies and can take place with one of our partner universities.

Students are required as part of the international program to spend this time abroad, in order to enrich their résumé and knowledge of business culture. We encourage our students to make the most of these three months and enjoy this exciting opportunity to learn while experiencing a new city. Students have at least a 6 months internship period to accomplish, throughout their studies.

Shaping the International Leaders of Tomorrow

The Lyon International Business School offers an international program to students who wish to obtain a Bachelor degree in business. This program brings an international edge to students who want to get more out of a standard professional curriculum. This degree will allow graduates to launch themselves confidently into positions of middle management in today’s global companies.


The training takes two years and all subjects are taught in modules that will be validated either at the end of the lesson, or right at the end of the last lesson in that particular module. Each year of instruction has a different curriculum that has a special focus on one of the main disciplines, like Marketing, Law or Economics.

If a student wishes to obtain this graduate diploma in less than two years, an individual training plan may be agreed upon. This would take past experiences and diplomas into account. The student may also be asked to commit to following one or more of our e-learning classes to complete their educational requirements.

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Each student will submit a dissertation and take an oral exam at the end of the year. The successful completion of the teaching modules, dissertation and oral exam will determine whether the iMBA diploma can be granted.


Students have to carry out a 6-month internship in a company in France or abroad in 2nd year of IMBA and are strongly encouraged to carry out shorter interships in between. With the help of the school, students are able to find a suitable internships.

Why an internship is important for master’s student?

Applying your professional skills and the theory you have acquired through business cases is a very challenging and enriching experience. It will provide you with the necessary perspective that is required to make sound judgments and take appropriate actions. Also depending on the department and the company where you work, it may be a defining moment as it helps define career plans. Finally, any work experience makes you more attractive on the job market.