Curriculum International Bachelor of Business Administration

What is an iBBA?

The iBBA program is geared to produce future managers of an excellent quality. Graduates in all fields these days need to be equipped with a competitive advantage in the job market over people with more experience. The market is saturated and the search for jobs and it can be very difficult for graduates who are going up against thousands of other candidates with nearly the same knowledge. Therefore, we put a major emphasis on what isn’t being taught in other business schools and what skills will give our students the practical edge to stand out from the crowd. We focus heavily on technology, especially disruptive trends as our students will be the first generation trained in these areas.

Main Teaching Disciplines

The 3 year iBBA program 2014 - 2017

The 3 year iBBA program 2014 – 2017

The 3 year iBBA program 2018 – 2021

Throughout this program students will discover all the disciplines inherent to the international business world. These include the following: Economics, Law, Marketing, HR Management, Asian Studies, Information Technology Management, Communication, Finance, Accounting, Maths and Statistics and Intercultural Management.

Here is a graphical overview over the subjects for this 3-year course. Please note that this content may change, as we are permanently improving and adapting it.

Main New Teaching Trends

Lyon International Business School offers modules in some of the most cutting edge technological advancements of the age. We pride ourselves in ensuring that our students leave us knowing far more than their competitors. The three following areas are some of the latest trends in contemporary business circles.

Digital marketing has bulldozed most conventional forms of marketing and opened up an entirely new era of communication between businesses and consumers/ clients, particularly through Internet Marketing. We show our students, in detail, what mediums are available to them and how to make the most of the latest digital platforms.

Big data refers to the collection and study of enormous data sets. Now more than ever, companies are able to quantify the effectiveness of their practices and we want our students to be fully conversant in this remarkable new skill.

We also offer introductions to contemporary design practices, such as the incredible world of 3D printing. During the year, our students will be taken to explore a ‘fablab’, a workshop for digital fabrication using computer operated tools, in order to see how this extraordinary technology works.

Teaching Methods

All classes are 5 hours long and comprise of a morning (9am-12pm) and afternoon (2pm-4pm) session.

All disciplines will be taught in a variety of different modules covering particular topics. The modules are each made up of a variety of complementary classes taught by the same lecturer over a short or long period of time. Homework may be prescribed to students by individual lecturers to ensure that students have more structured time to practice the skills they have acquired.

Students are expected to create their own model company, or entrepreneurial project, in order to put what they learn through the curriculum into practice. We strongly encourage group work to brainstorm subsidiary material for this project, however, we insist that students take full, individual responsibility to complete work on their own project.

There will be no comprehensive exam to complete at the end of the year. Progress will be judged either at the end of each class by asking students to apply the topic covered during the morning session to their entrepreneurial project during the afternoon. Or, through a test given at the end of the module as a summary of what has been covered. Along with these constant markers of their development, students will be asked to write a dissertation on a particular topic and give an oral exam at the end of the year.

In class, lecturers will make frequent use of case studies to bring the theories and skills covered to vivid life. So, in addition to testing theories and skills with their own model company, students will be able to learn from the methods and actions of some of the most successful, respected, international businesses.

Students who have completed similar modules in previous degree programs, may apply for an automatic validation of that subject so they do not have to repeat it. For those who may have subjects they wish to devote additional attention to, we promote the use of Massive Open Online Courses for students to do in their spare time.

Non-Elective Activities

At Lyon International Business School, we think that it is not sufficient to only pursue personal goals. It is essential that students develop or build on a sense of empathy for the world around them. We ask that they make themselves into valuable members of the communities they become a part of.

For this reason, our bachelor students are expected to partake in a charity/ humanitarian activity of their choice. In the past, our students have assisted in a humanitarian project in Togo, helped organize a rugby tournament and also taken part in the world famous Lyon “Festival Lumière”.

We believe this mandatory extra presents the chance to:

* help with an associative project

* participate in sports events

* build management experiences

* improve your organizational and communicative skills

* be in contact with the professional world

Purchasing and logistics

Course duration : 16hrs

The Short Programme in Procurement and Supply Management provides fundamental information on the principles, procedures, terminology, techniques and tools used in the field of purchasing and supply management.


Course duration : 36hrs

To succeed in any foreign market, businesses need people with talent and language skills and that is why we offer you Spanish classes to further develop your linguistic abilities.

Sales and Distribution

Course duration : 24hrs

SAP handles the processes of ordering, shipping/delivery and billing of goods and services for a company.It is used to manage all activities of pre-sales, receiving and processing of sales orders and product schedules, delivery of products to customers, billing for products sold, transportation handling and distribution of shipments to customers.

Company Communication

Course duration : 20hrs

Company communication is a set of activities to help manage all internal and external communications with stakeholders. In this course you will learn the different methods and tactics used like management communication, marketing communication and organization communication.

Political Sciences

Course duration : 16hrs

A study of the most significant problems of world politics, including the fundamental factors governing international relations, the techniques and instruments of power politics, and the conflicting interests in organizing world peace.


Course duration : 20hrs

You will study the historical sources of law, the law of contract and employment law.


Course duration : 20hrs

Introduction to the study of the economic system. The  course will introduce the standard economic models used to examine how individuals and comapnies make decisions in perfectly competitive markets, and how these decisions affect the supply and demand in output markets.


Course duration : 32hrs

This course presents an overview of the international financial environment and a detailed analysis of the tools and techniques for international financial management


Course duration : 20hrs

This course explores the challenges of managing a culturally diverse work force and the complexities of managing in countries with different religions, traditions, and value systems.


Course duration : 24hrs

This course will help you look into the activities involved in promoting goods or services.

International Trade

Course duration : 40hrs

This course focuses on policy and theoretical concepts and strategies that will help buid a sucessful international or domestic business.


Human Resources

Course duration : 20hrs

This course examines the role of human resources professionals as strategic partners in managing todays organisations.



Corporate Strategy

Course duration : 20hrs

This course examines the economic factors underlying value creation in corporate strategy .




Course duration : 40hrs

You will be able to choose a speciality course in finance or another subject or even learn  Mandarin and Russian.

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