Why choose Lyon ?


About Lyon

Lyon is attractive for students who want to develop their international professional project in the short and long term.

The city of Lyon situated in the heart of Europe outranks any big cities because of its life and professional qualities. Lyon is the old capital of France with beautiful architecture and traditions.

Situated in the heart of Lyon, it is the best city to live and to build a career according to PWC study. This is the 1st business-friendly city in France according to l’Express 2014, the 1st smart city in France according to M20city ranking in 2014, the 17th most attractive city in the world for foreign investments according to IBM in 2014.

The city protected by UNESCO has a huge number of historical places and has a big number of cultural events: the Festival of lights bringing more than 1 million tourists every year, the Roman site, the old and modern city, the Lumiere house, house of the brothers-creators of cinematography and also a lot of others places to visit during your studies.

Finally, the most important asset of the city is the gastronomy. Lyon is considered as the capital of gastronomy with its traditional meat restaurants and high quality restaurants included in the Michelin Guide. The prices are reasonable and the quality undeniable.

For the best opportunity to discover the city with locals, we have a buddy system in collaboration with international associations.


Our campus

We are situated in the centre of Lyon, one the most picturesque quarters, at Foch. There could be no better place for our students to complete their studies than this truly traditional environment.

Situated in the heart of Lyon, close to the Park “Tête d’Or”, this beautiful building designed to be the centre for international and local professionals alike and has since fulfilled its grand ambition.

With proximity to the town hall, shops and restaurants, green areas with outside sittings, we are proud to call this location our home.

With our school the students of the international section have an opportunity to talk 100% in English in class, meet professionals during conferences or professional meals, do sport in the gym inside our school, travel together, go to cultural events and parties, and take part in the International house – Sigma…