Tuition & fees for iBBA

The following prices apply to the full cost of one year of instruction for iBBA students.


IBBA 1st year

IBBA 2nd year

IBBA 3rd year

4100€  VAT inc

Settlement upon signature of contract  


4720€  VAT inc

Settlement before start of school year 


5000€  VAT inc

Settlement post start of school year

Fees for studying abroad are not included in the standard rate.


Please take note of the following:

  • According to the European legislation, an inscription certificate (“certificat de scolarité”) can only be delivered to students who have paid their school fees entirely and in advance. This certificate is very useful to international students who wish to apply for a VISA to study in France.
  • Prices do not include travel costs, accommodation or living expenses in Lyon or abroad.
  • Please add the following administrative fees: European residents: €270 // International residents: €350