Our programs

welcome to 2021/2022 academic year.​

To start the new year, we will welcome you to our Vaise Campus for your administrative activities, which will take place on

Monday, September 20, at 10:00 a.m.,

at 51 rue de Saint Cyr – 69009 Lyon.​

Our programs of Bachelor of Business Administration and iMBA open a window to the world. Our courses are taught entirely in English. Throughout these programs you will discover all the disciplines inherent to the international business world: Cross Cultural Management, Economics, Corporate strategy, Strategic Marketing, Corporate Finance, International Trade…:

  • Classes are from the month of September until the month of March of the next year, and an internship between 3 and 6 months


study in France


The IBBA program brings an international edge to students who want to get more out of a standard professional curriculum. This degree will allow graduates to launch themselves confidently into positions of middle management in today’s global companies.

We ask students to work hard to broaden their business culture; ask the right questions, plan and prioritise their work, find and select relevant and reliable sources of information, develop critical thinking, mobilize their creativity and learn to work effectively. These habits are crucial for success in the workplace.



The iMBA takes the iBBA even further by offering more strategic and conceptual instructions. The iMBA is an international curriculum to prepare students for a career in international business. This degree program is primarily designed to produce future international leaders and entrepreneurs, equipped with the skills to develop their own scalable projects.

Our program is based on learning methodologies of individual and group work, which is a key success factor at the Lyon Business School. We strongly encourage group work on these projects in order to generate ideas, although each project is the responsibility of individual students. This method of brainstorming is very similar to the conditions they will one day be asked to work in when they join a company after graduation.