About LIBS

School Overview

There is no better place to improve your business and personal skills during your studies than Lyon International Business School.

LIBS is situated in one of the largest economic centres and offers personal and professional support throughout your studies, and a lifelong network of associates long after you have left our halls.

We offer to our students high quality education with new systems and with real start to professional life. The education in our School is available for everyone who would like to continue its High School studies. You can find our attractive prices for international bachelor of business administration and for internation mba.

Our school organizes French and international meetings to enlarge its students network and to give an opportunity to easily integrate the employment market

For this, we also created an ambassador network. In our school we have more than 50 ambassadors representing their countries with various cultures. We welcome all nationalities in our school.

Why Lyon

We are placing the emphasis on creature future managers all around the world. Our Bachelor and Masters programs are designed to give to our students basic and advanced classes to develop their skills in the field where they want to continue their career.

Our students create a competition on the market job which becomes stronger each year. This is the reason why we give such importance to the development of new educational systems. All classes in LIBS are teached in English by teachers who come from United Kingdom and other Anglophone countries. Our innovative education enables our students to have a constant professional and also personal evolution.

why libs

We give a particular importance to the fraternity and to the friendship which offer to our student a wide set of skills. This is also thanks to various extra-curricular activities offered by school. The creation of friendly relationships and new partnerships with international organisations and associations to improve students’ remains a priority for LIBS.

We are actively working on the development of international relationships which are designed to increase educational partnerships. Everything is to improve the effectiveness of educational processes and development of scientific work in the School.

why libs2

Apart from professional skills, Lyon International Business School gives an opportunity to develop other aspects and to enrich the cultural environment for students which is part of the professional market and world globalisation. 

At Lyon International Business School, we think that a student should also cultivate worthwhile activities outside of the classroom. We offer support for you to get involved in charities, sports and cultural events that will broaden your own mind and be of servie to others.