International trip in Tianjin

International trip in Tianjin

École de Commerce de Lyon offered to its students the opportunity to spend a part of their student year in Tianjin’s Business School in China.

For a period of 10 weeks, that stay was oriented on 3 major points :

  • Discover the chinese language, for example students learned the basics of writing ideograms and understanding of both oral and written Mandarin.
  • Continue the course started in our school with commercial courses.
  • Discover China and its cultural activities like calligraphy, kung-fu, chinese painting etc.

Our school paid the tuition fees for its students. They only had to pay for transportation, visa and food.

Presentation of the Tianjin city :

Tianjin is the fourth most populated city in China, with 15 millions inhabitants. Very close to Beijing, it is part of the Jing-Jin-Ji, a local term designating a megalopolis gathering those two cities and Hebei.

Tianjin is not a touristic city even if we can find traditional activities from the chinese culture. It is mostly a very productive economical center. A new economical zone has been created on the east side of the city : the Binhai district which goal is to replicate the development of a town such as Shenzhen.

That new district is cut into 9 functional zones :

  • A manufacturing zone
  • Financial
  • Aeronautics industry
  • High-tech industry
  • Harbour industry
  • Petrochemistry industry
  • Logistical harbouring industry
  • Coastal leisure and tourism
  • Sino-Singapourian ecological city


Séjour international à Tianjin, Chine

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