International Master of Business Administration (iMBA)

Building Tomorrow’s International Leaders

The iMBA takes the iBBA even further by offering more strategic and conceptual instruction. The iMBA is an international curriculum to prepare students for a career in international commerce. This degree program is primarily designed to produce future international leaders and entrepreneurs, equipped with the skills to develop their own scalable projects.

A Truly International Experience

Business today is influenced by global trends, primarily those of Anglo-Saxon and Asian business, culture and language. Lyon Business School offers complete immersion in this international orbit by teaching all courses in English by teachers with a mostly anglo-american background. The students will also be given Introductory Mandarin lessons, as well as classes pertaining to Asian business and cultural practices.

Our mandatory three month training cycles are required as part of our international studies studies and takes place with one of our partner universities in Birmingham (UK) and / or New York City (USA). This allows our students to broaden their horizons by taking them into other international centres of commerce, and will also enrich their résumé.

Build Your Vision and Lead the Crowd

As our Master’s students train in strategic and lateral thinking, they will develop a unique global point of view on today’s business and be able to anticipate future disruptive technologies. This will enable our graduates to bring real added value to their own companies and ensure their future success.

Our teaching takes into account the newest industry disrupting trends such as Big Data, Digital Marketing and Digital Fabrication, so our Master’s students have technical skills that will allow them to hone a company’s strategy. This is essential in order for them to thrive in a constantly changing and evolving world.

The Lyon Business School Difference

At Lyon International Business School, each student will be expected to develop a personal entrepreneurial project. For a Master’s student, this project should be particularly ambitious and most of all, scalable. The student is required to apply newly acquired strategies and tactics to his/her company. The Lean-Approach will allow the student to take his/her vision far beyond a mere idea as we encourage our students to graduate with a running business.

Throughout this program you will discover all the disciplines inherent to the international business world: Mergers and Acquisitions, Strategic Marketing, Corporate level strategy, Cross Cultural Management, Business Intelligence, Corporate Finance, Lean business strategy.

In exceptional cases, Lyon International Business School may fund promising start-ups to stimulate our students’ remarkable careers.


The training takes two years and all subjects are taught in modules that will be validated either at the end of the lesson, or right at the end of the last lesson in that particular module. Each year of instruction has a different curriculum that has a special focus on one of the main disciplines, like Marketing, Law or Economics.

If a student wishes to obtain this graduate diploma in less than two years, an individual training plan may be agreed upon. This would take past experiences and diplomas into account. The student may also be asked to commit to following one or more of our e-learning classes to complete their educational requirements.

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Each student will submit a dissertation on a given subject and give an oral exam at the end of the year. The successful completion of the teaching modules, dissertation and oral exam will determine whether the iMBA diploma can be granted.

International Experience

In order to obtain an international diploma, students will have to spend a mandatory training period of three months at one of our partner-schools, either in Birmingham (UK) or New York City (USA). Students will take classes daily from 9am to 12pm and have the afternoons free in order to participate in projects, gain work experience and explore the region/town. Weekends are always free. The school may organise group trips for students to discover particular sites, events or cultural delights, but these will not be mandatory.

Our partner school in NYC

Pricing 2017/2018

The following prices apply to the full cost of ONE year of instruction for iBBA/iMBA students.


IBBA 1st year
IBBA 2nd year
IBBA 3rd year

3600€  VAT inc

Settlement upon signature of contract  


3600€ -10%  VAT inc

Payment at once

IMBA 1st year
 IMBA 2nd year

3600€  VAT inc

Settlement upon signature of contract  


3600€ -10%  VAT inc

Payment at once

Fees for studying abroad are not included in the standard rate.


Please take note of the following:

  • According to the European legislation, an inscription certificate (“certificat de scolarité”) can only be delivered to students who have paid their school fees entirely and in advance. This certificate is very useful to international students who wish to apply for a VISA to study in France.
  • Prices do not include travel costs, accommodation or living expenses in Lyon or abroad.
  • Administrative fees: €350
  • Entree Exam: €70
  • E-learning platform: €990
  • Paper diploma: €490