Graduation ceremony’s Gala evening

Gala evening 2018

Saturday, december 1st

École de Commerce de Lyon has the pleasure to invite you for its graduation ceremony’s Gala evening for the year 2017-2018

That event will take place in the Corbeille room of the Palais de Commerce (place de la Bourse, 69002 Lyon).
It will be the occasion for the ECL to proudly give honors to its students.

Various artists and shows will rhythm the evening and will make you travel into an eerie world over a dinner.
It will also be the opportunity for the École de Commerce de Lyon to present its future projects.

Graduation ceremony's Gala evening

Program :

  • 2:30 pm : Graduation ceremony
  • 5 pm : Cocktail
  • 5:30 pm : Auction sale
  • 7:30 pm : Dinner with shows
  • Midnight : Prom


Additional informations :

Graduation ceremony is free and mandatory for all the students.

The dinner with shows is priced at 50€ per person and free for students helping with the organization of the Gala.

The prom, free for every member of the school, is open to outsiders after registration and payment.


Gala 2017

To participate, please let us know by phone ( or email at

Evening dress appreciated

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