Why choose Lyon ?


About Lyon

  • Lyon is attractive for students who want to develop their international professional project in the short and long term.
  • The city of Lyon is situated at the heart of European ranks.
  • Lyon is the former capital city of France.
  • According to Express, in 2014, Lyon was the number one business-friendly city in France, the number one smart city in France according to M20city ranking in 2014, the 17th most attractive city in the world for foreign investments according to IBM in 2014.
  • The city is protected by UNESCO and has a huge number of historical places and cultural events: the Festival of Lights bringing over a million tourists every year, the Roman site, the old and modern city, the Lumière house, home of the brothers who created cinematography.
  • Lyon is considered as the capital of gastronomy with its traditional meat restaurants and high quality restaurants included in the Michelin Guide.