Admission process to the LIBS

We endeavour to keep the admission process as simple as possible. To integrate our school French and International candidates should proceed the process below:


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  • Fill the admission form

This form will begin your application process and provide us with your basic information. We will use this information to place you in a potential program and to get in touch with you. To receive your admission form, you have to contact LIBS. We will contact you within 48 hours of your request.


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  •  Send all needed documents 

This step is the required paperwork which will make up your admissions file. These official papers are required by Lyon International Business School to make sure you meet legal and internal requirements to enter a chosen program. These papers can be sent through to us before or after your Admissions Test, as preferred.

  1. A copy of your passport
  2. A copy of all relevant diplomas and qualifications (high-school / A-Levels; college / university degrees)
  3. Any language qualifications (if you are not a native English speaker)
  4. CV and a cover letter. No more than one side A4 for cover letter.
  5. Send the test fees which is 70€. This amount will be reimbursed if you are not accepted as a student.

Once we have received your admissions file, the Head of International Studies will verify whether you are eligible to enter the program. Please consider the cover letter as the most important part of your written application. This letter should show us how you will be able to fit into our program and school philosophy.


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  • Pass the admission test

You may choose to apply for the Admission Test straight away, without filling in the online contact form the school. The written test is structured as follows:

  • A test of General Culture. This test helps us to see how well you understand the world you live in. Lyon Business School recruits students who are inquisitive and ready to question the economic, political and cultural environment they are part of. This exam is made up of 32 to 40 questions, depending on the level of studies the candidate wishes to enter.
  • A written expression test on a given subject. This test takes the form of an essay of 300-450 words on a given subject.
  • English test. Here we will test your command of the English language. Your proficiency in English is key to your success as this will be the language of instruction for all of your classes. We recommend no less than a B2 level. You may be excused from the English test if you have an adequate diploma in English language that proves your proficiency.


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  • Pass the physical, Skype or telephone interview

The Admission Interview takes the form of a personal interview with the Head of International Studies or the Director of Lyon Business School. You will be invited for an Admission Interview based on your performance in the Admission Test. In this interview, we will discuss your career plan to fully understand what motivates you and ensure that your values match those of LBS. This interview will also enable us to guide you effectively throughout your time with us and after graduation.


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  • Confirmation

Response Time. The Head of Studies will make a final decision within one week of your interview. LIBS will then give the candidate one week to decide to join LIBS.

Once you have received your letter of acceptance to our school, we invite you to sign our contract* confirming your acceptance. This can be helpful to international students when applying for a French study VISA.


*Please note that we can only deliver “certificat de scolarité” to students who have paid their tuition fees in advance